Hey there…

My name is Dillon Semian and I am the owner of Brick By Brick Training.

I have been deeply interested in physical health & performance since playing football at Brashear High School (go Bulls!). Even back then I saw the importance of the weight room. I grew stronger and faster, but more importantly I became disciplined and confident. I was bit by the iron bug!

Fast forward and I graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Health & Physical Activity and a Minor in Fitness from the University of Pittsburgh. During this time I had hundreds of hours experience interning at Mt. Lebanon High School under Strength Coach Frank Cremonese (or simply 'Crem'). 

After graduating I worked as an Assistant Coach at Daman's Strength Training (DST for short) in Beaver County PA. I spent 3 years here learning under a couple of the best minds when it comes to strength & conditioning, coaching, behavior change, and healthy guidance. During my time here I coached everyone from the ages of 8 to 80 (that is not an exaggeration). I became comfortable with athletes and non athletes; young children and older physically limited populations. Simply put, I learned a lot here!

Since starting at DST I slowly began growing Brick By Brick Training from a household garage. From just a few friends with barely any equipment we are now a growing FAMILY of supportive people who want nothing more to see the people around us grow faster, stronger, and healthier.

I know a lot of people smarter, stronger, and more savvy than me... but honestly I don't know anyone that cares about seeing people make progress in their goals as much as me. I guarantee my full effort and attention to the progress of my members here. Come on down and see for yourself!

  • Bachelor Of Science in Health & Physical Activity from The University of Pittsburgh (minor in Fitness)

  • Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certified

  • MsE Primed

Interested in Nutrition Coaching? Click  HERE

Interested in Nutrition Coaching? Click HERE